:: About Tara ::

How did I become a Professional Organizer? My background is in the Arts, majoring in Dance in College and teaching for years. I recognized my ability when my college years were spent organizing groups, producing shows and basically making other lives easier. I later became involved as a volunteer, planning fund raisers, art shows, home & garden events and social galas. Organizing committees of people always paying great attention to details

As an involved Mom, I organized all kinds of events with my children's school, chaired my fill of commitees and eventually became a PTA President. During those years I spent moving to a new town, decorating my home and advising friends and family to make their lives work easier. Showing how rearranging furniture, removing stacks of clutter and finding a place for everything will enhance their homes and give them more time for themselves by just getting "organized."

Finally I thought, this is my next step, my new adventure. A great job helping people simplify their lives. Lift the mess and lighten the load so you can spend more time with your family, or just be involved in a favorite past time. Why? Because now everything is "Organized."

My goal is to help you find what you really need to keep in your life and what you need to let go!