Making the Best First Impression



What a Professional Organizer is:
A consultant, speaker or trainer working with clients who need assistance organizing space, time, data or procedures. Services include consultations, assistance with hands-on organizing, coaching, seminars and support products.

We handle it all:
• Speaking Engagements (I will bring Tara's Tip's to your group)
• Room Organizing (specialize in kids rooms, garages, basements & home   offices)
• Downsizing help
• Preparation for home sales, garage sales (pick up & delivery for resale,   recycle or donations)
• Moving messes & clearing clutter
• Time management

Services we offer:
• Confidential Consultation:  
Home walk through: Review the space available, discuss your personal concerns and decide on the ultimate result you wish to reach. 

• Initiate the Plan of Action:
Decide on the method to “move the mess” and “clean up the clutter”.  Discuss what will be used to implement the reorganization of space and storage.  Create a time line and starting date.

• Working The Magic:
The actual workday.  Rolling up our sleeves and working together to make your world what you want it to be!

• Follow Up:
Training and Tips on sustaining the organized environment we have created. Removing unwanted items to be used for resale, recycle or donation. 

We Do It All!
SEE...    all the possibilites.
SNIFF... out what you no longer need or use.
TASTE... the determination of making your space a delight to be in.
HEAR...  all the wonderful comments from family & friends about your new enjoyable home.
FEEL...   the sweet sense of accomplishment in changing your life, one room at a time!
KNOW... that being "organized" can become a very pleasing "life style" for anyone!